The bus was miraculously nearly empty. The only people sitting together were travelling together. It was interesting to note that seats were filled as alternate window seats so there was an empty row between most travellers.

I took a few photos before the camera battery gave out. The countryside was lightly flushed with the blush of Autumn. Long grasses were drying out after the last of the summer rain and turning a shade of pink rust under the lesser powered sun; bushes were sporting a crop of reddish berries that peeped from beneath dry leaves; deciduous trees were changing colour from yellow golds to reddish browns and all shades between. The wind break rows of aspens had leaves of yellow gold coins that dropped in glittering showers until the upright ash grey stalks resembled bundles of twigs rusting as the breezes whistled through them. Gum trees are sporting their new red growth and unfurling grey green leaves.

The bus driver was taking no prisoners and we made it to Sydney in pretty much record time. I got to my hotel and booked in quickly thanks to the web check-in system and then I was back outside making the mad dash up the road to the craft shop to see if I could get some yarn after all.

The shop was still open, and seems it may have stayed open longer than the one at home - bigger shopper base here. I couldn't find the style of wool I was after and settled for a compromise that should work though for different reasons. Naturally, leaving by the other door, I saw the type of wool I had been looking for in bins just outside. Urgh! Well, maybe before I go home I can pick up some more - if I can figure something for carrying it around that won't compromise the plan to keep my backpack with me and not have to put it in the baggage compartment.

I then grabbed some supplies on the way back to my room because I hadn't really ahd lunch and had a movie booking for 7pm. Scoffed some food and headed out for the movies. Saw "Kick Ass" -an interesting film in the style of a comic book, part comedy, part coming-of-age, part vengence film that seems surprisingly to work, and an over-the-top zany Nick Cage. But one of the comments in the movie is quite correct, unless you are as rich as Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark and either insane detective skills or boy-genious inventor then no ordinary human would last a minute up against real criminals.

Leaving the cinema I passed the entertainment venue that was once also a cinema. Now it is packed with game machines. From the front you can see the style where people demonstrate their agility skills by picking up big fluffy toys and dropping them down a shute. From the darker recesses behind the front row, there are all sorts of skill testing game machines. I have seen some interesting sights outside this venue from time to time, and tonight was no different. There was a swanky expensive car parked prominantly on the main street in front of the place. Standing beside it on the pavement was a huge man that had Islander appearance in something resembling a chauffer outfit. at the end of the doggy lead was a small long haired dog of the pampered pooch variety, with a bright pink jacket partially visible beneath the long strands of much brushed hair. This would not be the look most manly types would aspire to achieve.

Rounding the corner approaching my hotel entrance, there was a different vision, even less seen. I had heard about them but never seen them - a multi-door stretched hummer. As well as the driver, there were several other burly blokes hovering around in security jackets. I have no idea who could have been in the restaurant/bar/club that seemed to be cordoned off but there must have been someone special.

Back to my room to finish off the treats I picked up earlier - some rich dipping chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries and some asian bakery sweet buns - and catch up on internet activity and some tv. I only get to see Ben 10 when I come up here and I can get the Cartoon channel.
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