The public holiday. The day dawned nice and sunny but the city streets were later found to be quite breezy and chilly where shaded by the tall buildings. Generally the temperature was quite pleasant for mid Autumn. I woke slowly, relaxing in the light luxury of the room, and turning on the news/lifestyle program to catch up with snippets of what was happening in the world.

Getting ready to meet a girlfriend who was coming in from the outer suburbs, I decided to wear the top I had purchased yesterday evening. It is double layered with a crepe fabric that is crushproof but slightly denser than other clothes I had brought with me.

I had breakfast at a chicken fast food place - chicken and egg on a bun - and made my way to the cinema.

After collecting the tickets, I checked my mobile phone. It had been in my bag for the last three quarters of an hour, but with the background noise, I had not heard a message being received. Checking it, I found that my friend was going to be a bit later than she had hoped and a few messages later we arranged for me to leave her ticket with the usher for her to collect.

The guy who was at the front-of-house station is one I have seen often at that cinema - he's been there for as long as the cinema has been in the current configuration (once upon a time it was an enormously huge auditorium style theatre complete with upper and lower seating, and a wide balcony and smaller box seating - now it is a dozen or so smaller cinemas of all sorts and styles). He didn't want to take the ticket - they can't accept responsibility for them and he said they ahve been known to go missing. Eventually he let me leave it with him on the strict understanding that he would take no responsibility for it.

The pre-session went for quite some time with a lot of previews of coming movies (none of the ones I am waiting anxiously to see). The cinema lights dimmed further into darkness and the movie started. Shortly after the opening production logos had been displayed, my friend arrived.

The movie, "When in Rome" was a light-hearted comedy much as I had exected. Pleasantly presented, reasonably well acted, a few genuine laughs and a lovely release from every-day tribulations.

After the movie, we wandered down to the dockside recreational area on our way to an exhibit. On the way we were looking for somewhere reasonable to eat - not the seafood place, nor the one promoting their program of alternative live music, but one did present itself that seemed suitable. The young waitresses were all supremely pleasant, fast in their service and very professional.

Following a very filling meal, we continued on our way to the Maritime Museum which was hosting an exhibition titled "Mythic Creatures". I was unsure how they were going to present this display but was pleasantly surprised at the depth of information and the scattering of artifacts that had been assembled with the assistance of other similar museums around the world. We spent 1-2 hours wandering through the exhibit and could have spent far longer if every word had been read and every movie clip watched in entirity as well as scrutinising each artefact. There were creatures from the sea, the air and the land (notably none from fire, and some of the land based creatures had been left out too, but all in all, it was quite encompassing). Naturally, being a Maritime Museum, the water creatures were first and more prevalent, however, there were also representatives from cultures all around the world and through the ages.

A quick trip through the Museum shop just before closing allowed me to get a nice t-shirt with an asian dragon in gold print - discrete and stylish.

We then wandered back across the bridges to the city centre and said goodbye with her returning home by train. I continued back to my room unsure what, if anything, I was going to do for the evening. My favourite fruit drink vendor was shut so I went straight up to my room. There were 2 possible movies starting within a half hour - too soon for me to attend, and then again after 9pm. While do'able, I was not so sure that I felt like going out so late even though I have done this in the past. I decided to leave these movies so that I had something left to see after I go home. I did however, book a different movie for first thing tomorrow - it is "tight-ass" Tuesday, after all, and the other 2 movies don't start until after midday which would really be pushing the timing for my trip home.

After catching up on some minimal internet'ing and some regular evening tv programs, I ventured out for some food. I did not feel like the usual fast food p0laces and spotted a pizza/pide place across the road. The pizzas looked okay but after seeing how they were reheated and served a little later I am glad I decided against having any. Instead, I opted for a beef pide which had to be baked fresh. It took a little longer, but time was not a serious problem. When that was ready, I also went around the corner to collect some cakes for dessert as the asian bakery hwere I had shopped last night was all but cleaned out and had none of my favourites left.

I returned with plentiful food to my room. I even checked out the in-house movies only to find that anything worthwhile watching among the current selection I have alreqaady seen. So.... computer and tv then, and a little needlework with the yarn I purchased yesterday. It has since grown considerably since last night's start. I'm not sure about it as a scarf, but the effect of hte wool is interesting so I will complete it. Is 7-8" too wide for a scarf? When the resulting fabric is reasonably dense?