Today is Sunday, and Anzac Day, and the day I set out for a weekend getaway to Sydney. I expected things to be shut first thing in the morning, but not quite for as long as they are going to be. The place I had hoped to stop into briefly will be shut until I am halfway along my route. Ah well! It does mean that I can spend a little longer over breakfast than I had planned (as long as there aren't more little children coming down here - the place is acoustically hard and their shrill voices induce sharp headaches in the close confines as they run around shrieking and bashing whatever comes to hand on the solid tables).

So why do I set myself impossible tasks? This latest attempt came about due to several things that happened yesterday. First, I had been thwarted in my plans to go to the local shopping centre because rain was continual most of the morning preventing me going to the bus stop. I dislike getting wet most of the time, but the idea of being drenched before getting on the bus and wandering around the shops with water dripping off me did not appeal in the least. So I gave up on that plan for the day about midday.

I had also finished my last little knitting project. I actually have quite a few knitting & crochet projects on the go let alone several other needlework endeavours stuck at mid-points, but I like to keep something small and simple near the computer that I can pick up while waiting for things to happen (like swapping to different sites, opening programs, waiting for downloads, etc.). I have a collection of craft magazines that have things of interest in them and there was one I was intrigued to try. The actual pattern is for a mantle (like a cloak/cape, but more square like a tunic) and it is huge, taking up enormous amounts of yarn and maybe not something I would use in that format (large clothing pieces in knit or crochet tend to grow every time you wear them just by sheer weight and the series of slip knots and loops stretching). However, the effect was very interesting and I believed I could adapt it for a scarf/shawl/or similar item. I went searching through my pile of magazines to find it and then look for suitable wool - I have 2 packing boxes full of yarns that I have collected with various project possibilities in mind. The first ball I tried helped me work out the pattern but the variegation was too short between colour changes and did not work quite so well with the style of the pattern. I undid that and went on the hunt for something more suitable which I found among some remainders of a different project. This was far more what I was after - slow gradual change of tone over quite a long length of yarn - and had the desired effect when worked to the pattern. The method - tunisian crochet interlac over a maximum of 8 stitches at a time making it very easy and works up quickly, trouble is, there is not enough of the yarn. I could have sworn that I had other balls of this style for unworked planned projects but do you think I could find it? Not at all. So this is why I had thought to stop in at the shop on the way to the bus and have something easy, simple and useful to do on the 3 hour bus trip.

I have now finished breakfast and while I still have and hour and some minutes before my scheduled departure - it is a good idea to be at the bus lounge a good hour before it goes. So time for me to pack this up and continue on my journeying.