The rest of the week was pretty ordinary - work, internet, sleep, repeat. That sort of thing.

One night missed my bus connection by about 2 minutes and had to hang around for a half hour in the gathering dark for the next one. Another night the second bus driver was a bit of a lead foot and swung the bus through the corners just a trifle too fast for my liking.

I'm getting home in the dark now that winter is upon us. There are a few missing street lights and the one at the top of the driveway has a disconcerting habbit of flicking off just as I am about to check the letterbox. Then it slowly brightens up before flicking off again - there is probably a fuse problem but the people in the first house possibly don't want to, or don't know to, call the electricity company.

The moon was full on Friday and looked glorious although abscured by clouds soon after clearing the horizon. The night before it had been all but full and there had been a fine smeer of cloud in the sky. As the cloud covered the moon's face, there was a brilliant rainbow circle forming a halo around the moon. Unfortunately it was so bright that the camera only picked up the bright disk rather than show the usual full-moon markings. I did get some interesting photos though, that I will probably be able to use for one purpose or another later.

Friday I made the mistake of walking past my preferred clothing shop on the way to the second bus. Mistake, because they were haveing a sale of 30% off everything in the store. I had to look. And I found three items that were reasonably priced to begin but were exceptionally good value with the sale.

I toyed with the idea of going to a movie, but the timing was wrong for the ones I had not yet seen. Instead I got a fruit juice crush (drink) and used the computers in the mall while I finished it.

Had a movie date with a friend on Saturday morning, so got an earlyish bus and got to town with 20 minutes to get breakfast (a fruit danish from the bakery) and a small bottle of soft drink before meeting up at the cinema.

When we took our seats, we were surprised at how few people were joining us for the movie session, and there were not many more to come in after us. I was disappointed that we did not get any trailers - always an important part of hte ovie-going experience for me. We saw "Triangle" - a psychological horror by a British director/writer but filmed in Australia with mostly Australian/New Zealand cast. I liked it a lot with a simple story but well cut and edited filming to maximise the twists in what the audience was shown, but the character motivations and actions were a little disturbing. The closest comparison I can think of is possibly "Ghost Ship" meets "Ground Hog Day" with a touch of "Deja Vu" thrown in to round it out.

After the movie, I shopped for some dvd's and ended up with quite a haul. There was a special give away if a set figure was reached plus there were a lot of movies finally released to the reduced price shelves. Seeing as it has been a few weeks since I have been near the shop, it was very easy to reach the target figure. After that I went to check the craft shop for some yarn hoping that they would have the same selection that the shop in Sydney had had. What made me believe that? All they had available looked like left overs from last year's stock and nothing like the colours I had seen last weekend. It's almost worth planning a day trip to Sydney just to get some yarn. But of course, by the time I could organise that, they won't have any left. Nor could I have carried all that I needed back from Sydney last weekend. I did get some possible balls but it still isn't quite the slow change varigation that I am really looking for. That's okay though, as there are plenty of other projects.

I was planning to go to another cinema on Sunday only to find that the chain's Movie of the Week was not showing at that cinema. I toyed with the other cinemas but ended up deciding against it because I have next Tuesday off as my last flex day. So it was a day at home today with a slow wakeup watching a dvd from bed while making a quick check on regular internet sites and then some needlecraft.

When I eventually got up for lunch, there was only sport on tv so I watched some more dvd's until the evening shows that I like to watch.

A few obsrvations from the week -

Why do people stop abruptly when walking in a stream of pedestrian traffic and try to walk across the direction of other people making those other people come to a stop or have to change direction sharply? Particularly when the people they cut off are moving quickly with an obvious destination in mind unlike them, or others around them, who are meandering at an annoyingly slow pace and indistinctly meandering. I know why they walk into me - for all intents and purposes, I am invisible.

How come people stop in doorways, narrow passageways, or tops and bottoms of escalators directly in the way of regular pedestrian traffic and causing all sorts of mayhem? But these same people are likely to insist on pushing past you on the escalator when you are specifically supposed to stand still on moving devices (its a health & safety regulation).