A new month and only a matter of days to go at work.

I caught my first bus ok even though I had got caught up leaving the house. It always happens when I have a few minutes to spare. The little things that usually take less than a minute expand to over the allowed limit.

But catching the first bus was about the only thing that went right. We got to town for the change to the second bus in good time. There was hardly anyone at the bus stop indicating that another bus on the route had not long left. Not one but two more buses rolled up a few minutes later. Because I was standing where the door of the first bus pulled up, I stepped aboard with the expectation that it would elave first. But, no, the second bus took off and we waited, and waited, and waited some more slowly filling up the bus.

The last people to get on as the driver was closing up, was a man with absolutely no concept of balance and a small child in his care. After falling over several people they finally sat down. Unfortunately, at the next stop, the person beside me (these were sideways seats and a lot of people cannot handle anything other than facing directly forward, even if those seats are the most dangerous on the bus) moved to the dangerous first row facing forward, so the man and child moved next to me, putting the kid between us. Of course children's feet never hang straight down and I got a few sharp kicks to the side of my leg. And the two of them chattered the whole way preventing me completing my cat-nap before getting to work. They eventually got off a few stops before me - with the child carfully stepping heavily on the side of my foot, leaving a mark from the sole of his shoes on my lycra tights.

I got to the office and my supervisor wanted me to sit with her to finish what we had started on Friday evening but ran out of time - before I could get a drink and get a handful of rice crackers for breakfast - by this time all I have ingested is a few mouthfulls of diet coke to wash down a cod liver oil capsule.

When I go to her office, she had tried to get some of it done before I got in, but the computer had had a minor glitch and shut down a few programs, including the excel worksheets needed to reconcile the credit card suspense account.
When trying to open the file, we were only given an error and a blank screen. Not even an empty worksheet. I tried a few simple things but quickly came ot the conclusion that the file we needed (and the only copy of it on the live files) was caught somehow part way between converting between version 2007 software and version 2003. My first suggestion was to contact the IT section and request a restore from backup.

I went to do some other work while we waited.